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What if your email address could demand respect?


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A Strangle Hold on the serious, High MPG automaker

They're at it again. Now high mileage automobiles will be subjected to penalties. The new CAFE plan, of course proposed by President Bush (and Company) wants to penalize the likes of Honda and Toyota for doing what American Consumers are asking for.
A Step Backwards

A Quick Fix for the Gas Addicts

I must admit however, after read more about "A Quick Fix for the Gas Addicts" I have to give GM points for creativity. As destructive as they are, they do stay up late pondering ways to undermine the right solutions and insult our intelligence along the way.

The costs of VoIP spam starts to impact you and me. (And I don't even have VoIP service yet)

The costs of VoIP spam (or SPIT as it's called) has started to mount. The most recent hard cost being $600K (which the US public will bare in taxes) to perform a study on VoIP abuse:

Let's face it, there are three choices:

1) Hide your VoIP phone number - In other words; Let's live under a rock.
2) Figure out how we can spam filter VoIP - Sure, this has worked great for email. Haha!
3) Force senders to "respect" recipients with a simple process of small cash guarantees. (You're already paying something for the call - even if a monthly fee - so why not pledge a small 5cent guarantee to prove to the recipient you're not a spammer dropping thousands (even millions) of VoIP messages with a single mouse click. As a respectful caller you'd not be frightened because your guarantee would never be taken by the recipient and therefore would return back to your VoIP account minutes after you hang up.)

Social Security and our Fearless Leaders.

I know, this is long, but it is so worth the read.

With all the buzz about dismantling and or privatizing Social Security, has anyone asked the question "What retirement benefits do our leaders in Washington subscribe?"

There's a chain-email going around bringing this to light. The problem with the email is there are some falsifications and little substantion. So, let's get the record straight; Point 1: The general position is correct in that U.S. Government officials have a fabulous retirement plan that completely puts Social Security to shame. Point 2: The Feds would have you believe that Union organizations are bad for our economy, ironically because of the very same "spin-out-of-control" compensation programs of which our Feds themselves benefit wildly from.

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