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What if your email address could demand respect?


Seth Godin on email stamps? I am surprised he simply doesn't "get it!'

Ok, Now I thought for sure Seth would be the first to say,- ˜just empower the consumer." But he did not . Now, I am a big fan of Seth and his insight regarding consumer respect. I've read many of his books and consider him a marketing genius, but Seth, this time your suggested "solution" is premature and incomplete.

The Result of Greed

They'll attempt it every time - dressing a wolf in sheep's clothing. But, what they under estimate now is the power of web and the ability to get the truth out there very quickly.

GoodMail Systems, AOL and Yahoo claim they will aid in the battle against spam by implementing a system that forces the "good" guys to pay for the delivery of email.

Hum? What's wrong this picture?

Consider some simple questions:
1) What will be the affects of charging marketers "that you want to hear from" for the privilege of delivering information that you want? (Keep in mind things like: That free newsletter you asked for, or that email alert with special offers, etc..)

Social Security and our Fearless Leaders.

I know, this is long, but it is so worth the read.

With all the buzz about dismantling and or privatizing Social Security, has anyone asked the question "What retirement benefits do our leaders in Washington subscribe?"

There's a chain-email going around bringing this to light. The problem with the email is there are some falsifications and little substantion. So, let's get the record straight; Point 1: The general position is correct in that U.S. Government officials have a fabulous retirement plan that completely puts Social Security to shame. Point 2: The Feds would have you believe that Union organizations are bad for our economy, ironically because of the very same "spin-out-of-control" compensation programs of which our Feds themselves benefit wildly from.

The minority screams the loudest!

This is normality at work - Mostly due to the majority forging on to make "things" work instead of complaining.

Case in point - The staunch anti-spammers say:

- Emarketers haven't the right to use email to reach out to customers.
- Emarketers are destroying email with spam.
- ISPs aren't doing enough to shut down spammers.

Well, the facts are:

- Most of the Internet population likes the emails they get from their desired marketing sources. (I personally like the email catalogs and sales flyers I get from "desirable" sources. It gives me a quick glimpse of items that I'd otherwise not be aware of.)

Unmanageable interruptions

Interruptions have become unmanageable; getting worse by the day, as the cost of communications continually drops. Everyone thought the Personal Media Revolution would address this, but at some point, it's nice to step outside your box. When you do, there they wait, like hungry monkeys staring at a cupcake (I salute to the writers of "I love Raymond"). Putting an end to the constant barrage of personal interruptions is as easy as: Giving every user the ability to control their Personal Value.

Young minds and new energy!

Here's a great example: The progress of the WWW (Wild Wild Web) was an envelope pushed by young uninhibited minds that simply said; "Why Not?" While most think it was probably Big Business - Sun, Microsoft, Comcast or AOL - it was not.

It was basements, backyards and garages of kids saying; "This rocks, what if I ??" Freedom to create, can and usually does, deliver explosive results. Sure there are a great many failures along the way, but I would suggest that each of these delivered something positive to the creator.

If we were to channel just a fraction of this young, unlimited and untapped, potential into our search for new energy resources, I shutter to think of the outcome. The key is to get our youngest, best and brightest involved while they're still open to defying the odds.

The bigger they are, the slower they move!

It always amazes me how the big guns over-think everything. It amazes me even more when this overly cautious mentality is adopted by the very same organization that were founded and fostered under the "Move low and fast" mentality. I guess it's a natural reaction to protect what you have, and in a sense it's good news as it makes room for the next Silver Bullet.

Well, advertisers and marketers had better wake up soon. The Personal Media craze is on the move and consumers are getting what they want, when they want without all the noise. If advertisers don't soon understand, the consumer's attention must be included in the value chain equation, they will be cut out of the loop. Tivo's ability to commercial hoop was only the beginning. Now with Podcasting and soon selective streaming media, consumer attention will be even further fragmented.

Explaining away the beauty

I've found that many try so hard to explain away the emotion in much of what life has to offer. While science has it place for sure, I've always believed that science at times should be put aside to leave undivided attention for the acceptance and enjoyment of what beauty nature delivers.

Thinking outside the box; Is nature a product of scientific rule? Or, is scientific rule a product of the wondrous things the chaos of nature delivers?

I think Michael Shermer's article, "Unweaving the Heart", in Scientific American does a great job of articulating how science provides a placeholder for the wonders of natures.

Cell Phone email preview - they call that a solution.

Do I really want to have the "review" my email before I download?

Cingular's mobile phone implementation of OZ's email client is getting some good reviews 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. One feature that is expressly noted, is the ability to review the message before download. And, it's noted as though I should appreciate this functionality? One step forward, two back on that one. I guess OZ's design is as good as it gets when it comes to controlling undesirable content in the wireless world.

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