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What if your email address could demand respect?

Frank's Bio

Franks photoWho I am and what are the passions that drive me! My name is Frank Urro and I am an entrepreneur and freethinker who owes his success to great customers.

Since late in 2001 I've been entirely focused on undesirable electronic interruptions. Call it what you like, spam comes in all forms (popups, email, telephone, cell phone, SMS, IM) and no matter how you slice it, spam wastes your time and costs you money. If you made it here, you're about to learn how it's all changing with a new technology that finally puts the consumer in the driver seat. Unimaginable Respect for every Internet user is just a few clicks away.

Current events (professional) - Consumers are far more value than they know, however, they're taken advantage of every day. - Together, we can change all of this and we can do it now. This sounds like a lofty goal, but there is something they (the commercial world) is simply not sharing with you. So first, we'll fix email and email spam will be history. All we need to do is spread the word that consumers can now ask for the power of "Personal Value Control". This is not a shallow promise of a neat new technology that will out think the spammer. While I must admit that some anti-spam techniques are quite clever, Personal Value Control is simple and yet more powerful than a spammer could ever imagine. After email, you can look forward to the application of this technology to your telephone (cell or home) and mobile devices, and all the consumer has to do is ask their Service Provider to turn this on.

Motive - I started this journal to create an arena to expose the truths (and mistruths) around consumer respect. Consumer respect, in a general sense, seems to be dying a slow death. In many cases, advertisement deluge, price cutting, environmental ignorance and increasing profits have all taken a front seat to heightening the quality of customer service. Unfortunately, many consumers reward this behavior by frequenting these suppliers because of ease, accessibility or lowest price. This support practice sends a bad message, however, it's not too late, and consumers can turn this around and in turn, receive value they would have never conceived possible.

Bio (brief) - As a graduate of Northeastern University, Boston MA. I've found more enjoyment in designing a customer satisfaction program than in the actual sale of products. Career #1: Designed and sold energy conservation systems. A process that was both rewarding and satisfying. Primary `take-away` - "Respect The Process." Everyone is the potential source of valuable and unique insight and they, along with the world around them, should be respected for what they have to offer. In most cases I found that the best ideas came directly from my customers. I've described this many times, some see it as mystical, others see as an unnecessary expense. What I've found is, the more I focused in on the "respect process"; and not the financial gain, the more I encountered benefits that my peers simply could not tap into.

Additionally, I believe that every enterprise should play an active role in the future of their community. For me this equates to teaching, presenting and coaching students and young adults whenever the possibility presents itself.

My goal - Create a source (and platform) for the everyday person to sheild them from propoganda and, teach them how to maximize their personal value and the tricks that will keep them from being a target of unscrupulous marketing tactics.

My ethic - To never work alone. I share what I've learned and I learn from I share with. I associate with those who do the same. It's simple, informative, and in many cases, it's fun.

My favorite mottos -
1) "Be a teacher, not a critic."
2) "Never forget from where you came."
3) "Everyone knows something I don't"
4) "You can't learn while your lips are moving"

I am a founding partner of Vanquish Labs. I am the inventor of Personal Value Control - a process that vowes to give "every" Internet user, every ISP and every respectiable Internet Marketer, total personal control (and the associated benefits) of their own " Personal Value." I might add, that the only individuals that will tell you this level of control is either dangerous or unfeasable, are those that fear loosing their control to the general public.

Your comment and/or additional knowledge is always of value. Please post suggestions or comments as you wish. All respectable messages of value and substance will be posted.

No more running, ducking, hiding to defend your space. Now it's - Control, Respect, and more value!

Remember - "Be a teacher, not a critic."

Frank Urro
Vanquish Labs