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What if your email address could demand respect?

The bigger they are, the slower they move!

It always amazes me how the big guns over-think everything. It amazes me even more when this overly cautious mentality is adopted by the very same organization that were founded and fostered under the "Move low and fast" mentality. I guess it's a natural reaction to protect what you have, and in a sense it's good news as it makes room for the next Silver Bullet.

Well, advertisers and marketers had better wake up soon. The Personal Media craze is on the move and consumers are getting what they want, when they want without all the noise. If advertisers don't soon understand, the consumer's attention must be included in the value chain equation, they will be cut out of the loop. Tivo's ability to commercial hoop was only the beginning. Now with Podcasting and soon selective streaming media, consumer attention will be even further fragmented.

Soon consumers will have the complete upper hand and acquisition marketing will be more difficult than ever. When this happens, the only ones able to engage with consumers will be those that value their attention so high that consumers will invite their contact.

Let's fact it, a consumer's attention (and their personal data) are very valuable, so why not let the consumer in on the rewards?

Here comes the next wave:: Go, Go Empowerment Rangers - Revver - "Personal Media that pays" is on the move