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What if your email address could demand respect?

Young minds and new energy!

Here's a great example: The progress of the WWW (Wild Wild Web) was an envelope pushed by young uninhibited minds that simply said; "Why Not?" While most think it was probably Big Business - Sun, Microsoft, Comcast or AOL - it was not.

It was basements, backyards and garages of kids saying; "This rocks, what if I ??" Freedom to create, can and usually does, deliver explosive results. Sure there are a great many failures along the way, but I would suggest that each of these delivered something positive to the creator.

If we were to channel just a fraction of this young, unlimited and untapped, potential into our search for new energy resources, I shutter to think of the outcome. The key is to get our youngest, best and brightest involved while they're still open to defying the odds.

I recently learned of one company doing something quite innovative about this: Heliotronics , focusing on photovoltaics, works with educational institutions to deliverer on the lofty goal of getting young minds involved with the future of clean renewable energy.

If you're not currently pushing the educators in your community to get involved, you should be. Everyone will be the beneficiary.

Young minds are the seeds of change!