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What if your email address could demand respect?

The Result of Greed

They'll attempt it every time - dressing a wolf in sheep's clothing. But, what they under estimate now is the power of web and the ability to get the truth out there very quickly.

GoodMail Systems, AOL and Yahoo claim they will aid in the battle against spam by implementing a system that forces the "good" guys to pay for the delivery of email.

Hum? What's wrong this picture?

Consider some simple questions:
1) What will be the affects of charging marketers "that you want to hear from" for the privilege of delivering information that you want? (Keep in mind things like: That free newsletter you asked for, or that email alert with special offers, etc..)
2) Who is getting rich - again - from the value of "you"?
3) Why is it so difficult to include the consumer into this value chain?

The best of stories like this, is that I need't write a single word.

From Media Post's eMail Insider - Goodmail: Looking Out For No. 1 by Melinda Krueger - "It is clearly in the ISPs' best interest to get a fraction of a cent on every e-mail sent. They deliver an audience any business-to-consumer e-mailer needs to reach. - But what's in the audience's best interest?"

From USA TODAY: "AOL to charge fee as way to cut spam"

From: "The End Of E-Mail?"

From Senders Protest AOL E-Mail Changes

And there are so many more......

That's the price of greed.