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What if your email address could demand respect?

Spam on the Rise

How many minutes are there in a day! The public is getting a bit fed-up with spending it wading through “stuff” they have no interest in. And marketers seem to be more focused on their need “to get stuff delivered into the inbox”, than my need - to be certain I’m not “again” wasting my precious time! When will they ever understand that I will be far more likely to find their contact interesting if my inbox were clean - And don’t cripple my free email experience doing it.

The solution is easy – If you want the respect of a customer you “must” be proactive in earning it. Here in is the problem and I’ve articulated it many times in the past.

Consumers now have hardwired media delivery systems directly to their person - just a figure of speech, we are all aware of WiFi.) The speed is lighting fast and the delivery cost – in most cases “zero”. This makes every connected consumer on earth a proverbial sitting duck. Which has lead us to this: Spam Doubles, Find New Ways to Deliver Itself.