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What if your email address could demand respect?

Getting Warmer!

Why Spam Won't Go Away" - Nearly the most lucid description of "why" spam exists, I have ever read.

The only points he misses are:

"If 99% of all spam is filtered into trash, then sending spam becomes 100 times more expensive."

This may raise the cost to the sender but it does not take into consideration that abusive cost to "the network bandwidth" which we all pay for in the end.

"Anti-spam laws are another attempt to raise the cost of spam to an intolerable level; no one wants to go to jail for spamming."

This roadblock stops only the illegal spam. This roadblock does not address the economic incentive for every "legitimate" business to increase their interactive outreach by 5000 times by moving from Postal to E mail.

"I get only a few spam messages a day, and very few legitimate e-mails end up in my spam trap."

If just one legitimate message gets trapped then I would state that your anti-spam system has saved you very little.

"I have seen proposals where the sender of an e-mail posts a small bond, which the receiver can cash if the e-mail is spam."

"These solutions generally involve re-engineering the Internet, something that is not done lightly, and hence are in the discussion stages only."

Untrue - "Personal Message Bonding" is functional today - visit -