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What if your email address could demand respect?

The suite to control spam

It's become apparent that multiple technologies are required to manage the spam problem (at least until users demand to step outside the box and take real control - but more on this later.) So, if you'd like to learn more read on, if you would like to simple get a PC Magazine Editors' Choice Anti-Spam suite scroll to the bottom and look for the link to Vanquish.

Moving on - "The Anti-Spam Suite," is a consolidation of multiple technologies working in concert. The goal being, to work with your email habits to learn continuously what your preferences. No rules to adjust, nothing to set, just us it. While this sounds like a no brainer, most anti-spam products don't learn automatically and they don't learn based on your message content. For a quick example - any product that does not monitor your outbound mail has no idea what your message content looks like, so how can it make inteligent decisions on your inbound messages? (Notice - Some anti-spam systems actually route your messages to humans for review and approval. What do you think about that for privacy?)

Multi-technology approach - In most cases, any one technology alone is effortlessly beaten by spammers, and in many cases, it creates more work for the user. Because spammers work so diligently to circumvent your defenses and access your mailbox, the strongest and most current defense is a complete anti-spam suite. Therefore, I will focus on the multiple technologies that are most efficient today. I will also mark which are unique only to Vanquish and you can then determine if these added features are ones you require.

In general, my focus on spam has been to create and deliver multiple technologies that work together to put the user at ease on both the spam blocking front and false positive (falsely accused of being spam) front. At minimum, I feel a suite should consist of the following technologies:

1) Filters: The egregious spam, and/or visibly apparent, will be dealt with at this stage. If your filter makes a mistake, and they do, there's no need to worry as it will be addressed with other supporting technology. Your filter should be personal, self-learning, and require no updates from a central source. This also ensures your filter is learning your habits and your email likes and dislikes.
2) White Lists: Everyone on this list will be allowed access, regardless of how your filter scores your message. (Be sure to select a system that automatically updates your White List in real-time based on the emails you send.)
3) Subject Match - This enhancement will allow someone, completely unknown to you, to reply to an email subject you initiated. Example: You send an email To: Subject: "How can I clean my favorite workout sneakers, - and replies to your email. Jen's not on your White List, but her email is delivered because she is replying to your subject. (Vanquish Unique )
4) Surf Match - This enhancement will allow you to surf to a site, submit your email address and feel confident the site can deliver the information you requested. Example: You pay your phone bill at and they reply with a confirmation. You forget to put on your White List, but that's ok, because it was done by Surf Match automatically. Your payment confirmation is instantly allowed into your inbox. (Vanquish Unique)
5) Sender Confirmation - If your filter makes an error and the sender is not White Listed, a Confirmation Request will instantly alert the sender with instructions of how to release their email for delivery to you. This process stop spammers, because spammers don't use real email addresses and so, non-spammers never see the Confirmation Request. Because the sender is alerted, the process eliminates the need for you to review your spam folder looking for their message. (Be sure to select a system that allows you to control this feature.)

Note: This is not an exhaustive list of all anti-spam strategies. However, many of the strategies I have chosen not to mention result in black listing entire communities. While black listing may seem appropriate at first glance, spammers have learned how to play these systems with their goal being to create a false positive nitemare for the users resulting in loss of mail from desirable contacts.

For a system that includes all of the above strategies and does not rely on black listing visit Vanquish Labs. In full desclosure: I am a founder of Vanquish Labs and that said I can ensure you a quality experience, a free trial, and a money back guarentee.

In any case, I am always open to discus any strategy mentioned (or not mentioned) in the above.