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What if your email address could demand respect?

Filters are dangerous

This writer makes a very valid point. Just how do we know what is not getting delivered? I've heard numerous people say - "I've never had a legitimate message not get delivered". This would normally prompt me to ask; "How often do you check your spam folder" and if you do "How meticulously do you inspect it?"

While most ignore my false positive alert I've had many start checking their Spam Folders and finding that occasionally they are missing messages. So I ask: What good is email if you can't trust it? & Why is it my responsibility to clean up the mess left by the spammer?

It is very common for broad scale anti-spam applications to trap religious and political messages. Not to mention that these methods render email useless for the medical community.

If you happen to be looking for a Best in Class spam blocker that is completely personal and incorporates multiple technologies in one suite read my article here.

Today's example on the conciquences of false positives: Spam Filters Catch More than Spam.