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What if your email address could demand respect?

If I got a nickel with every piece of spam I received….."The story behind Personal Value Control"

… You’d be rich! Right? Not really, but you also would never get a stick of spam! Now wouldn’t that be nice…Email the way it was meant to be – Fast, Free and Clean!

What? I said ”Free,” but I also said “nickel” – how can that be? (Read on for the secrets to clean, and yes free, email)

So, how could the world value your digital space and how could someone offer you a cash guarantee (not a cash payment,) proving their respect for your space, when sending you email from an unknown email address? The fact is - Businesses use this form of guarantee system all the time to protect their valuable interests. The process actually puts the “bad guys” on the defense, freeing up time and money that can be spent more effectively elsewhere - so why not allow the public to do the same with their digital space?

This is the very problem I set out to address and was the seed of what is now called Personal Value Control.

Personal Value Control is the ability for the end user (owner of their email address, or VoIP number) to completely control the value of their digital points of contact.

What does this mean?

In the development of Personal Value Control, I looked at why spam exists, the communications value chain, where the real value is within the chain, and most importantly, who controls that value. Well, it should be no surprise that the value lies within the destination email address, but the owner of the address has absolutely no way to control that value. The fact is - electronic person-2-person messaging is void of any mechanism that supports and defends the best interest & respect of the recipient. Having no control over the value of their digital contact points also means no ability to levy a fine or penalty when that space is abused. (Unless you want to go on a wild goose chase with IP tracking, then filing of a lawsuit – if you’re lucky enough track back to something real, then waiting for the grass to grow.)

Personal Value Control does not require any changes to existing email. It simply enhances existing systems allowing users behind the system to graciously accept messages instantly (no filtering required) from senders that are respectful enough of the recipient to include a Personal Message Guarantee. That’s it.

Think of like this, given two lists of 50 new messages from unknown parties, which list would get your undivided attention first - List A, in which each message contains a Personal Message Guarantee, -or- List B, messages sent without a Personal Guarantee? In the early days (like today,) Personal Value Control enhanced systems are delivering email to users both with and without (more without than with,) but as word spreads and more and more email systems become Personal Value Control-enhanced, this will change - until only the spammers are sending without Personal Message Guarantees.

Note: Personal Message Guarantees only need be used on first introductory contact and only if sent unsolicited, otherwise there is no Personal Message Guarantee required.

Properly implemented, Personal Value Control solves it all. I must stress "proper" implementation because it is highly important that total control be put into the hands of the email address owner. Hence the name “Personal” Value Control.

If you’re interested in how Personal Value Control can be added to your email experience, click here.

If you’re interested in WEBhosts, ISPs, Domain Hosts or ESP that offer email-enhanced with Personal Value Control, click here (Note: when you get there, select Partners in the menu)

Only Vanquish anti-spam and email security products bring you one step closer to the reality of true Person-2-Person respect on the Internet.