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What if your email address could demand respect?

Reinvent the wheel - that's the ticket!

NEC's Quittek says, in NEC Plans to SEAL out SPIT , some key methods help to block incoming SPIT, starting with tests to determine how many calls a remote phone may be making. "If you're an operator, you can see how often the phone calls others," he says. "If there's a regular pattern or if you've called too often, then you just don't assume human or common behavior-and then we classify this caller as a potential source of SPIT."

My kids' elementary school called 500 parents this morning at 5am to tell us the start of the school day would be delayed by 2hr. - 500 simultaneous calls at 5am - Is this SPIT?

This is the same stratagy that got AOL in hot water with Harvard University E-mail glitch blocks Harvard acceptance e-mails - you would think that after 4 years and many missed messages technologists would have learned something.