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What if your email address could demand respect?

Bandwidth - Where is the incentive to provide value?

The implication in this article How Would You Deal With A Global Bandwidth Shortage? is that bandwidth volume is a per account (or per user) commodity. However, if a customer's bandwidth were throttled based on their value as a customer then things would be quite different.

Shortages of any commodity will occur when the value of that commodity is left to those other than the owner to control it.

The propagation of unsolicited irrelevant information on the web will continue to get worse as the bandwidth required to shuttle heavier forms increases - forms such as graphics (image spam), voice (SPIT), and video spam (acronym required) which I am sure will follow. (If you think your sexual enhancement spam is bad, wait until you receive your first “how to” video version.)

In the perfect WEB users should be respected for the value of their digital space, but this can never happen if someone other than the user is responsible to control that value.

Ask yourself what would happen if Google, Yahoo, Sport Illustrated, or Time where to allow someone other their own to control the value of their ad properties? They would hardly get the results they desire, their resources (bandwidth included) would be abused, and their customers would not get what they expect – hence what happens to the value?

Value Control, whether is be at the business level or the personal level, should, by its very nature, be left to the owner to control – otherwise, value quickly deteriorates.

The problem - if consumers continue to purchase products and services based on price alone they will continue to be the victims of B2C 3 card monti.