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What if your email address could demand respect?

Anti-spam vs. Email Security

Spam, viruses, phishing attacks and spyware are all very different animals, however, the term "spam" has become all encompassing. Additionally, customers simply want all email threats protected via a single solution. This is to be expected as customers are continually being burdened by the cost to protect their digital space. With that said, consumers are also looking for the best value. Anti-spam applications should be selected on their ability to control spam (undesirable messages) as well as potentially damaging email threats, like viruses, spyware and phishing attacks.

While it is possible to load a variety of software on your computer (or mail server,) it is a service or stand-alone appliance that will better protect you against threats. It will instead clean your email before it is delivered to you. This will free up resources (PC and network) and ensure threats are removed before they reach your computer or mail server. Terms such as, email gateway, email firewall or email appliance are typical for the solution you should be considering.

By: Frank J. Urro
Frank is a co-founder of Vanquish Labs. Vanquish is a leading force in email security for personal, home, office and enterprise environments. Vanquish is also the developer of "Personal Value Control."