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What if your email address could demand respect?

Selecting Technology to Protect Your Computer

As with the process of protecting any assets, there are devices you can (and should) purchase to protect yourself. As with anything, there are many good products, but there are even more mediocre products and also an even larger number that simply do not work. Product credibility comes in many forms – When I say, ‘be sure to purchase your selected product (or service) from credible sources’ - this means.

  • Review well known media publications that you trust and those that have tested the product.
  • Check with a friend that you trust that has been using the product or service and has had good luck with it.
  • Be sure to select a product vendor that “really” supports their product. This means there are real people answering real questions.

Technology selections to make it easy:

A) Best in class Anti-Virus: Going with Norton or Kaspersky will satisfy your Anti-Virus needs. I should note that these products work well at controlling local computer based threats, but being a local program is a disadvantage when attempting to control email or network born threats. The difficulties you will find with these products delivering a high quality of email security is A) they often trap many valid messages and B) they are client side based, meaning your computer must download all email (good and bad, including threats) before they attempt to sort, separate and inoculate. This is time consuming and potentially dangerous. Also being computer based these products do little to control spam if you also use a mobile email device or web mail interface.

B) Best Anti Spam Software/Email Security Software: The best anti spam software will most always come with a leading anti spam software review. Vanquish has weathered these tests and provides an industrial strength anti spam service for both the home user as well as the business. Their anti spam service stop email threats before they reach your computer, your network, or mobile device (Blackberry, Palm, iPAQ, VAIO etc..). It is also important to note that this product line is based on multiple integrated anti spam techniques via the integration of multiple anti spam tools within a single anti service. Most importantly it delivers personal results via a unique self-learning process. Visit

C) Leading Anti-Spyware: For some time now the leader in this arena has been WebRoot. Visit for details.

D) Cutting Edge Anti-Phishing: The Firefox web browser has built in phishing protection checking for dangerous website with every click you make. You can download Firefox free of charge at

It is worth noting that all the products selected above have been reviewed by PC Magazine Editors.

Credible sources for product information:

A) PC Magazine Editors Choice Award – This magazine often tests products and awards them rankings. Products that have won the PC Magazine Editors’ Choice (or their Top Pick) are often a safe bet. Be careful of other lesser known sources using the Editors’ Choice branding as this does not necessarily mean you are dealing with PC Magazine. To select the best anti spam software you may want to rely on an anti spam software review from a notable source.

B) Software download sites - Sites such as & are great places to get feedback on what other users are saying about a piece of software. When reviewing software sort your lists based on “user review ratings”, this paints a fairly clear picture of how the product and the company performs for the user. What makes these reviews so valuable in your decision process is that they are independent nonbiased opinions and not paid advertisements.

Web Search – Searching the web (via web sites such as, or is a good place to start but the results (where the product turns up on the web page) should not be used as an indicator of product quality. This is because page ranking is often a function of how much money the company can spend on advertising. If a web search gets you interested in a product you should always follow through and check other sources (see above) for credibility and operation