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What if your email address could demand respect?

Attention Bonds, Personal Message Guarantees and Pay for Delivery

Curing Spam: Rights, Signals & Screens - is an academic approach to describing just how Personal Value Control will correct the email value chain for all players – senders, ISPs, recipients, and yes, even legitimate marketers. In the past you’ve read that I use the term Personal Message Guarantee, and here the author uses the term Attention Bond. The function is the same.

To stem the tide of any confusion, let me first say that I applaud the author for a fantastic job describing the merits of “bonding” (or to personally guarantee) one’s information. I must however point out that although the author lists boxbe in the same reference as Vanquish the two are not alike. Given the numerous questions I recieve regarding the confusion around economic spam control and economic interruption control, it is important that I point out that neither Personal Value Control nor Personal Message Guarantees are pay-for-delivery services such as boxbe or GoodMail. For the record, boxbe is closer to the optimal path because the sender (boxbe notes this as "the marketer") is paying the recipient not a third party. However, I must still stand on my opinion that, while email would have less spam (and yes, I did say less not zero ,) paying for message delivery will destroy the very fiber that has made email a killer application. (I’ll revisit this with an example in a future post.)