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What if your email address could demand respect?

The Point

Interruption control is costing the world a fortune. This blog however, is not about selling you Anti-Spam technology. People buy that stuff everyday because it is what they understand.

Here is what the average person overlooks in the spam/anti-spam rats nest and why Vanquish is the absolute best choice for leading Internet users to a spam free experience.

You pay real money to protect, you pay (with your time) to occasionally monitor your spam folder, then you pay to keep up to date and you pay when messages you send get trapped in the destination's spam folder. The hard cost and opportunity cost in wasted time and missed messages are amounting to unreasonable levels.

So, my goal is to teach you about Personal Message Guarantees. A technology so empowering and liberating that you would be able to post your email address anywhere and be assured of no spam and never a missed message.

  • As a sender - Wouldn't it be nice if there were an easy way for you to "guarantee" you respect the recipient? Then, the recipient could tell instantly just how relevant that message might be.
  • As a recipient - Wouldn't it be nice to know that messages from new contacts where in fact relevant enough to direct my valuable attention toward.
  • As a spammer - Clearly, you will continue to send your spam, however without a Personal Message Guarantee (which understandably, you would not risk even the penny on,) it is unlikely your message would receive any attention.
  • As a legitimate marketer - New or mature, you could attach a Personal Message Guarantee to your outbound email and insure your messages are delivered past your recipients spam gauntlet.
  • As an ISP - You can allow any message with a Personal Message Guarantee to bypass your filter because there is proof of assured respect and the relationship is between the sender and the recipient.
  • For "anyone" concerned that Personal Message Guarantees are designed to increase the cost of "free" email - wrong, no way, no how - Free P2P communications is what made the Internet great. So, we must keep it free BUT force respect.
    • So, who could be charged? - Persons sending to a recipient for the first time, */and/* sending undesirable information. (as defined by the recipient)
    • And, who could not be charged? - Persons sending to a recipient that has either signed up for their mailing or has sent them an email first.

How can my current email experience be enhanced by Personal Message Guarantees?

A) You can get Personal Message Guarantee Technology from any of the providers on this list: Vanquish Partners
B) You can ask your current email provider (or email security provider) to join the list above by contacting Vanquish to learn how to enhance their service offering with Personal Message Guarantees. And the cost (in case they ask) is just pennies per month - under 10 US cents. Isn't that worth the ability to give their customers complete control over the value of /their/ digital space?
C) You can purchase your email security solution from Vanquish in which case Personal Message Guarantees are always built in.

My goal was simple - Keep email fast, free, and instantaneous, while addressing the fact that there are endless reasons why an unknown sender (or a sender who may have been temporarily blocked) might want to reach me. Because the truth is, to allow the Internet to continue to enjoy its massive economic growth, we must provide a P2P mechanism (no third party involved) to allow unknown senders to easily prove to me, or you, (and before you open their message) that the content of the message is something you will appreciate receiving.

Why guarantees? Because they are a way of life and they work! In fact, successful businesses use them everyday and I venture to wager high, that you would not deal with any company not willing to guarantee their product. So, picture the clarity of your inbox if your most relevant messages had a Personal Guarantee attached from the sender.

Low (no cost) communications + Personal Message Guarantee = Relevance and Respect

Questions and Comments are always more than welcome.


Frank Urro

Note; I would like to thank the author of Dougal for requesting this more to the point description of Respect101com