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What if your email address could demand respect?

Exploting the value of "you". Goodmail -and- Your ISP...

We'll, déjà vu, This is the result of feeding the bottom line . And now it expands to more ISPs. Does this surprize you? Spammers have known for years that your attention is valuable so why would you expect your ISP to not capitalize on it.

Here are just a few of the not so happy netzians that "get" how Certified Mail is a wolf in sheeps clothing:

My Take On Goodmail

Define SPAM when spammers can pay for 'guaranteed delivery'

What Happens If You Don't Pay for Goodmail?

GoodMail Systems and AOL -- What's Going On?

and on...and on....and on......

My Opinion - Marketers should realize that customers are part of the value chain. The customer must feel respected at every point in the sale. This means before they even consider buying. If not they will jump ship as soon as an opportunity shall arise. So, this is what I see - you pay for ISP service, you still have a spam folder to sift through, some of your outbound messages still get trapped in destination spam folders, but the ISPs and Goodmail capitalize on the value of your commercial attention. (Sounds like the reason TiVo sparked the revolution to crush commercial television!)