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What if your email address could demand respect?

Even "The Man" can't control his spam problem.

This was too funny to ignore:

From News Week: Oct. 10, 2005 issue: Perspectives:
"Hey Bill, just thought I would make sure we were on for golf on Friday. Please respond to confirm."
An anonymous text message to Microsoft CEO Bill Gates, one of about 100 he received when his demo of the new Windows Mobile-powered Palm Treo revealed the number of the phone he was using. The phone is now being kept off because it won't stop buzzing.

When will they learn? It's not the content, or volume; It is simply a lack of respect. Additionally, even charging a penny per message would not solve this problem. As you can imagine just how many people around the globe would be willing to annoy Bill Gates for a penny per pop!

There is one economic solution "Personal Value Control" that empowers the user, leveling the playing field. As you can imagine, correct deployment could only be done by an organization that is not blinded by the old business ethic; "Thou must always have their hands in their customers’ pockets at all times."

More details to come.