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What if your email address could demand respect?

If I got a nickel with every piece of spam I received….."The story behind Personal Value Control"

… You’d be rich! Right? Not really, but you also would never get a stick of spam! Now wouldn’t that be nice…Email the way it was meant to be – Fast, Free and Clean!

What? I said ”Free,” but I also said “nickel” – how can that be? (Read on for the secrets to clean, and yes free, email)

Spam with no purpose

I'm asked this question often so I thought it deserved its own post:

What is the purpose of spam that is not attempting to sell you anything or if it has no virus or spyware attached?

Well, the goal of these messages (often containing typical spam plus perfectly legitimate text - often from a popular book or journal) is to confuse or even "un-train" your spam filter. What do I mean?

Well, let's assume some spam, which includes a paragraph from the front page of todays New York Times, makes it past your filter - In this case the message is seen as spam by the recipient (which it is) and (if given the ability) is usually "marked as spam" by the user. So, what the user has done here is taught the filter that all the words from the paragraph in the New York Times should be considered spam in the future.

Filters are dangerous

This writer makes a very valid point. Just how do we know what is not getting delivered? I've heard numerous people say - "I've never had a legitimate message not get delivered". This would normally prompt me to ask; "How often do you check your spam folder" and if you do "How meticulously do you inspect it?"

Getting Warmer!

Why Spam Won't Go Away" - Nearly the most lucid description of "why" spam exists, I have ever read.

The only points he misses are:

"If 99% of all spam is filtered into trash, then sending spam becomes 100 times more expensive."

This may raise the cost to the sender but it does not take into consideration that abusive cost to "the network bandwidth" which we all pay for in the end.

"Anti-spam laws are another attempt to raise the cost of spam to an intolerable level; no one wants to go to jail for spamming."

Spam on the Rise

How many minutes are there in a day! The public is getting a bit fed-up with spending it wading through “stuff” they have no interest in. And marketers seem to be more focused on their need “to get stuff delivered into the inbox”, than my need - to be certain I’m not “again” wasting my precious time! When will they ever understand that I will be far more likely to find their contact interesting if my inbox were clean - And don’t cripple my free email experience doing it.

The solution is easy – If you want the respect of a customer you “must” be proactive in earning it. Here in is the problem and I’ve articulated it many times in the past.

A Strangle Hold on the serious, High MPG automaker

They're at it again. Now high mileage automobiles will be subjected to penalties. The new CAFE plan, of course proposed by President Bush (and Company) wants to penalize the likes of Honda and Toyota for doing what American Consumers are asking for.
A Step Backwards

A Quick Fix for the Gas Addicts

I must admit however, after read more about "A Quick Fix for the Gas Addicts" I have to give GM points for creativity. As destructive as they are, they do stay up late pondering ways to undermine the right solutions and insult our intelligence along the way.

Trust - what are all the big guns missing?

When one thinks of the concept of Trust, the image that appears is usually personal. I trust my father, I trust my friend, I trust my co-worker, or I trust my accountant. How quickly does your level of trust diminish when it's separated by some number of degrees of separation? For example, would you trust your co-worker's accountant with the same level of trust as your own accountant, or would you trust your friend's friend as much as you trust your own friend?

Hi mileage vehicles for sale in Europe

With the prise of gas sky rocketing I cannot even begin to elaborate on the frustration I feel over this new, never the less, here are some facts:

1) The X-Prize Foundation positions to offer a $25M dollar prize to a commercial organization that designs, builds and sells 10K vehicles that get 250 MPG or more.
2) This prize ferrets out news (at least this was news to me), that VW has already produced a concept vehicle (in 2002 no less) that gets 264MPG.
3) The above information prompts to investigate other VW models where I found what I suspected. In Germany, VW manufactures the Lupo 3L TDI. While most would think that the 3L stands for 3Liter 'engine' it does not. The meaning comes from it's World Record Holding MPG at the pump. 3Liters/100Kilometers OR 77 MPG. Now, here's the kicker, quoted direct from the VW website: "As its name implies, the Lupo 3L TDI makes do with just 3.0 litres of diesel fuel per 100 kilometres, while at the same time possessing the advantages of a car fully suitable for everyday use: four seats, sufficient boot space, good performance, good comfort, and equipped with all the crucial safety features including ESP."

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