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What if your email address could demand respect?

Personal Value Control

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Exploting the value of "you". Goodmail -and- Your ISP...

We'll, déjà vu, This is the result of feeding the bottom line . And now it expands to more ISPs. Does this surprize you? Spammers have known for years that your attention is valuable so why would you expect your ISP to not capitalize on it.

Here are just a few of the not so happy netzians that "get" how Certified Mail is a wolf in sheeps clothing:

My Take On Goodmail

Define SPAM when spammers can pay for 'guaranteed delivery'

What Happens If You Don't Pay for Goodmail?

GoodMail Systems and AOL -- What's Going On?

and on...and on....and on......

My Opinion - Marketers should realize that customers are part of the value chain. The customer must feel respected at every point in the sale. This means before they even consider buying. If not they will jump ship as soon as an opportunity shall arise. So, this is what I see - you pay for ISP service, you still have a spam folder to sift through, some of your outbound messages still get trapped in destination spam folders, but the ISPs and Goodmail capitalize on the value of your commercial attention. (Sounds like the reason TiVo sparked the revolution to crush commercial television!)

Attention Bonds, Personal Message Guarantees and Pay for Delivery

Curing Spam: Rights, Signals & Screens - is an academic approach to describing just how Personal Value Control will correct the email value chain for all players – senders, ISPs, recipients, and yes, even legitimate marketers. In the past you’ve read that I use the term Personal Message Guarantee, and here the author uses the term Attention Bond. The function is the same.

My Bayesian filter is all I need! - Or is it?

This author (Ron Lopshire) in usenet group; T-Bird can get you blacklisted, says:

"Let's cut to the chase. Since October, I have received over 21, 000 pieces of spam in my 3 primary non-disposable POP3 accounts. Not one piece of spam got through my Bayesian filter (K9). And that is with only 37 legitimate emails marked as spam (FPs - 0.17%), and most of those should have been marked as spam."

Bandwidth - Where is the incentive to provide value?

The implication in this article How Would You Deal With A Global Bandwidth Shortage? is that bandwidth volume is a per account (or per user) commodity. However, if a customer's bandwidth were throttled based on their value as a customer then things would be quite different.

Shortages of any commodity will occur when the value of that commodity is left to those other than the owner to control it.

The propagation of unsolicited irrelevant information on the web will continue to get worse as the bandwidth required to shuttle heavier forms increases - forms such as graphics (image spam), voice (SPIT), and video spam (acronym required) which I am sure will follow. (If you think your sexual enhancement spam is bad, wait until you receive your first “how to” video version.)

Reinvent the wheel - that's the ticket!

NEC's Quittek says, in NEC Plans to SEAL out SPIT , some key methods help to block incoming SPIT, starting with tests to determine how many calls a remote phone may be making. "If you're an operator, you can see how often the phone calls others," he says. "If there's a regular pattern or if you've called too often, then you just don't assume human or common behavior-and then we classify this caller as a potential source of SPIT."

My kids' elementary school called 500 parents this morning at 5am to tell us the start of the school day would be delayed by 2hr. - 500 simultaneous calls at 5am - Is this SPIT?

If I got a nickel with every piece of spam I received….."The story behind Personal Value Control"

… You’d be rich! Right? Not really, but you also would never get a stick of spam! Now wouldn’t that be nice…Email the way it was meant to be – Fast, Free and Clean!

What? I said ”Free,” but I also said “nickel” – how can that be? (Read on for the secrets to clean, and yes free, email)

Getting Warmer!

Why Spam Won't Go Away" - Nearly the most lucid description of "why" spam exists, I have ever read.

The only points he misses are:

"If 99% of all spam is filtered into trash, then sending spam becomes 100 times more expensive."

This may raise the cost to the sender but it does not take into consideration that abusive cost to "the network bandwidth" which we all pay for in the end.

"Anti-spam laws are another attempt to raise the cost of spam to an intolerable level; no one wants to go to jail for spamming."

Trust - what are all the big guns missing?

When one thinks of the concept of Trust, the image that appears is usually personal. I trust my father, I trust my friend, I trust my co-worker, or I trust my accountant. How quickly does your level of trust diminish when it's separated by some number of degrees of separation? For example, would you trust your co-worker's accountant with the same level of trust as your own accountant, or would you trust your friend's friend as much as you trust your own friend?

The costs of VoIP spam starts to impact you and me. (And I don't even have VoIP service yet)

The costs of VoIP spam (or SPIT as it's called) has started to mount. The most recent hard cost being $600K (which the US public will bare in taxes) to perform a study on VoIP abuse:

Let's face it, there are three choices:

1) Hide your VoIP phone number - In other words; Let's live under a rock.
2) Figure out how we can spam filter VoIP - Sure, this has worked great for email. Haha!
3) Force senders to "respect" recipients with a simple process of small cash guarantees. (You're already paying something for the call - even if a monthly fee - so why not pledge a small 5cent guarantee to prove to the recipient you're not a spammer dropping thousands (even millions) of VoIP messages with a single mouse click. As a respectful caller you'd not be frightened because your guarantee would never be taken by the recipient and therefore would return back to your VoIP account minutes after you hang up.)

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